Cornish Sea Stories

By the CULLENs

I Live by the Sea

The Cullens – Portraits, Landscapes and Still Life

A beautifully-illustrated, limited edition children’s picture book – like no other! Each page contains prints from actual artwork from local Bristol artists the Cullen family, and others.  

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The Cullens

What do you get when you fuse a family of artists, a classicist, and a love of the sea? Whilst the answer is obvious, what isn’t, is that The Cullen family display an unusual concentration of artistic flare and creativity rarely experienced across just two generations. “I Live by the Sea” is both a reflection into this rare concentration of energy and subtly, and a glimpse into a well-honed gift that is expressed in the pages you’ll hold.

Enjoy the simplicity of the story-line as you read it to your youngsters, and smile wryly as you discover the quintessentially understated English humour in the narrative.     

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