the paintings

The rugged coastline of South West England, mixed with more homely items, people, and even animals, provides both reader and viewer alike with an entertaining and delightful visual experience, guaranteed to engage the imagination and curiosity of both.

who is this book for

Young Readers

Children’s picture books remain as one of the most memorable and engaging ways to interest young readers with the world of words. I Live by the Sea contains a wonderful mix of familiar and new imagery and words that will captivate reader and listener alike.

Parents and Grandparents

Looking for something different to give your child or grandchild? Give them the gift of imagination with this beautifully-illustrated, limited-edition picture book – a wonderful antidote to the digital hypnosis that currently surrounds such formative minds!

About the authorS

Created and produced by Oliver Cullen, I Live by the Sea contains paintings from local artists Sarah Bernard, Peter Clay, Oliver’s wife Pippa, and son Finian Cullen.